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Cloud Compute

Intel Xeon CPUs and SSD SAS storage meets with the best network connectivity. From 1 CPU, 1GB Memory, 10GB ssd to 16 CPU, 64GB Memory 600GB SSD you can configure your server in the Location that you would like to using our platform. Select a product below to continue

Starting from
$60.00 USD / Monthly
$60.00 Setup Fee
- 1vCPU
- 10GB SSD SAS Disk
- 500G of traffic.
Starting from
$90.00 USD / Monthly
$90.00 Setup Fee
- 2vCPU
- 75GB SSD SAS Disk
- 1TB of traffic.
Starting from
$170.00 USD / Monthly
$170.00 Setup Fee
- 4vCPU
- 16GB RAM
- 150GB SSD SAS Disk
- 2TB of traffic.
Starting from
$245.00 USD / Monthly
$245.00 Setup Fee
- 8vCPU
- 32GB RAM
- 300GB SSD SAS Disk
- 5TB of traffic.
Starting from
$660.00 USD / Monthly
$660.00 Setup Fee
- 16vCPU
- 64GB RAM
- 600GB SSD SAS Disk
- 10TB of traffic.
Argentina Cloud
Starting from
$77.95 USD / Monthly
Buenos Aires is one of the highest demanded locations due to the distance of the city from the rest of the world. We can provide highly available and low latency cloud computing instances for you in our 2 different datacenters. Our enterprise customers enjoy being able to keep the local traffic for Argentina local thru best peering agreements we have in place!
vCPU extension
$25.00 USD /
RAM Extensión (1GB)
$25.00 USD /
Storage Extension (100GB)
$25.00 USD /

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